Daily Eats 3.17.14

It’s been awhile since I’ve been a consistent blogger posted my daily eats.  I love the accountability that posting your meals for the whole world wide web brings, so I took pictures of my food on Monday which just happened to be St. Patrick’s Day.

Daily Eats – 3.17.2014

Tea (green jasmine) while juicing:

(if you look close you can spot me in the juicer reflection – like a Where’s Waldo except the cup is striped, not my shirt)


juice bonanza.jpgI made juices for a couple of days (kale, cucumber, apple, ginger, tumeric, lemon and cilantro), some green apple juice to make Key Lime Smoothies and spinach juice for the Green Doughnuts I had planned for later in the day.

Second Tea for the Road


Snack (not pictured) – Granola Bar + Almonds



Carrots, black berries, crackers, Kerrygold Dubliner cheese (seemed appropriate) and celery + peanut butter. Berry + Hemp Powder + Almond Milk smoothie.


green donuts.jpg

Naturally Green Baked Vanilla Doughnuts


St Patricks Day Dinner.jpg

St. Patrick’s Day dinner: rainbow fruit tray and fettucini alfredo with broccoli. And an unpictured glass of wine (made from green grapes so, festive, right?)


Daily Eats 10.15


Kid’s breakfast – toasted bagels with peanut butter, pineapples and bananas (pardon the technicolor lighting – the bananas and pineapple weren’t really radioactive)

bread makings.jpg

Started some bread for dinner (Bread Machine Oatmeal Wheat Bread)

Juice makings.jpg

Juice: cucumbers, dandelion greens, pear, lemon

double drinks.jpg

Juice + Green Tea

double a.jpgApple + Almond

daily eats lunch

Ezekial 4:9 bread toasted with avocado and seasoned salt

daily eats kombuchaKombucha

daily eats dinnerGrilled Cheese + Tomato Soup – world’s best combo

Daily Eats 3.6.12

A day of food.


Kid’s Breakfast: ‘half finished before I remembered to take a picture’ smoothies (kale, good belly juice, strawberries and plain yogurt) and frozen waffles 


Tazo Joy Tea




Looked over at my coffee table and had to smile.  It may be messy, but at least it’s colorful.  And random.  Magnatile (best toy ever!) boxes with superheroes either inclosed or on top, mardi-gras beads, cut up straw ‘bead’ bracelets and a flower eraser.  Totally normal coffee table toppers, right?


Fruit + half a sunflower seed butter + banana sandwich on toasted Ezekial 4:9 break



Snacktime: the boy had yogurt and I had a cara cara orange and some water



Lunch: pond water miso + water – I wasn’t feeling too great and seem to crave miso soup when I’m not up to par



Tea + eaten-straight-from-the-freezer banana chia muffin (from Let Them Be Vegan by D. Burton)




Airborne Honey Lemon mix.  I bought this back in December while at Disney World when the girl came down with the flu.  I actually really like the taste.



20130304-135439.jpgDinner – Trader Joe’s Black Bean and Cheese Taquitos, Bean and Cheese Tostados for the kids, veggies and fruit


Daily Eats 2.12.13


According to a very extensive Facebook Poll (or question with 7 responses – one of the two) the daily eats posts have been dearly missed.  (Or just barely missed – one of the two).

Here is a day of food from a pretty normal Tuesday.

Woke up and made the kid’s breakfast:



oatmeal with cinnamon sugar (and horrible lighting)

and packed their lunches while they were eating.



the girl: carrots + snap peas + cucumbers, yogurt + blueberries, granola, clementine, leftover pizza

the boy: clementine, yogurt, pirate’s booty {cheese puffs}, snap peas + carrots+ cucumbers, cheese + tortilla

I had a cup of green jasmine tea on the way to school



and then came home and juiced.



I almost always make enough for two days.  This combo was cucumber + celery + kale + parsley + apple + lemon.  I cleaned up the juicer (the only downside of juicing) and took the boy to preschool with a second cup of tea.

I went to Bible Study and enjoyed some snacks with a side of conviction.



berries + grapes, pita chips + hummus, cup of tea (yes, I bring my favorite mug) and a cute little bookmark gift

After Bible study I came home and did a rousing round of laundry, sweeping and de-cluttering.  I had a lunch made entirely of leftovers and enjoyed it surrounded by action figures and magna tiles.  Clearly I didn’t get to de-cluttering the coffee table.



blueberries, boiled egg, roasted butternut squash, quinoa crunch salad and a kale salad

On the way to pick up the little guy I had a cranberry kombucha.



Once all the children were collected (including a neighbor) we had some Blender Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies,



and I had some unpictured almonds, dark chocolate square and some popcorn.

For dinner we took advantage of a BOGO coupon at Pei Wei and had a rare weeknight dinner out.  The husband and I split the Pad Thai,



and the kids split the Lo Mein.  It was an all around win – we ate for under $10 and there were no dishes to do.

Valentine’s Day preparations are in full force over here!  I’ll try to post our day of heart shaped, pink and red foods on Friday.  After I take the ninja turtles off the coffee table.


*I stole borrowed was inspired by the ‘Daily Eats with date format’ from Emily at A Nutritionist Eats.  Hi Emily!  🙂

What I Ate Wednesday – Fancy a Spot of Tea?

We had a rainy and gray Tuesday.  I think the city of San Antonio can thank me for the rain, as it was the first day in a month that I made the effort to straighten my hair.  My naturally curly hair that, if it finds 1 drop of moisture in the air, turns into a giant spiral perm.  Needless to say I was rocking the frizzy hair by about 1 pm.

After reviewing my pictures, I was also rocking the hot tea.  I’m a pretty loyal hot tea drinker year round, but on chilly or gray days, I hit up the tea pot all day long.

I woke up and packed a lunch for my girl:


raspberries + strawberries, giant white blob vanilla yogurt, carrots, granola + almonds (yogurt topper), peanut butter & jelly sandwich (extra points for cutting it out like a pumpkin, right?  that same motivation is what prompted the ill-fated hair straightening efforts)

I had a cup #1 of tea while getting the kid’s breakfasts together.


Green Jasmine Tea

Got the girl off to school and packed the boy’s lunch (unpictured, but much like the girl’s lunch above) and then got us ready for the day.  On the way to take him to preschool, I had a green juice.


Kale, cucumber, parsely, apple, celery and lemon

I came back home and had my breakfast.  The photo looks all dramatic, thanks to the cloudy lighting coming in the window.  Please let it be known that I only put my food on a plate since I needed to take a picture.  On a normal day, I would have eaten the fruit straight from the colander and the bar straight from the container in the fridge. I’m all kinds of classy.

berries + pumpkin chocolate chip energy bar

I did some baking and had cup #2 of tea while the glass guys came and finally installed our shower door.  Tomorrow morning we can use the shower and, after 7 weeks, have a fully functional and much improved bathroom.  That calls for tea and cookies, right?


Red Roobios Chai (no matter how much I try, I am finally declaring I am not a fan of roobios tea) and pumpkin gingersnaps.  

After eating 2 cookies, I decided to have a real lunch.  Or at least make myself feel better if I ate more cookies later.  WhichI did.

Sauteed kale + fried egg

We had our first teacher conference of the school year and were happy to hear that our girl is doing great.  She’s ‘a bit chatty’ but that was kinda the understatement of the year.  My favorite part was the assignment where they had to write what they’d ask a fairy godmother for and she wrote “I wish I had a puppy because i wud play with it. I wud name it brawny. I love dogs!’  (that’s brownie for the non teacher readers among you)

To celebrate her good report, we took a trip to the pet store after we picked up her brother from school.  I came this.close to adopting a kitten, even though my husband (and most of our extended family) are not cat folks.  But, I wud play with it.  I wud name it blackie.  I love cats!


I had cup #3 of tea- plain black this time –  while making some tomato soup for dinner.  It was a soup day if I’ve ever seen one.


We had grilled cheese (or ‘girled cheese’  if you are my boy) and tomato soup for dinner.  This is one of my girl’s favorite meals.  Here’s a picture of her plate – notice the extra bread for dipping in the soup.

After dinner I had cup #4 of tea – this time a Chinese Flower green tea that was a gift from a dear friend (hi Ginnie!).


I’m planning on curly hair today, which probably means it will be a sunny, dry day.  You’re welcome all San Antonio ladies who straightened their hair today.

I’m also planning on at least 2 cups of tea.

Linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons for What I Ate Wednesday.

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

What I Ate On My Spending Diet

I haven’t done one of the What I Ate Wednesday (hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons) posts in a while.  Today I had a surge of motivation (which must be capitalized upon) and kept my phone handy for the majority of my eats.

I mentioned yesterday that we are on a Spending Diet,  so here is a peek into what I’m eating on our ‘diet.’

I woke up and packed lunches for the munchkins:


cheese puffs, assorted veggies, cheese tortilla wraps, apples and applesauce – if an apple a day will keep the doctor away, we’ll have two apples, thank you very much

and had my morning kombucha + apple cider vinegar ‘cocktail’ – which I took from this blog post – while making some double chocolate protein bites.


I made some oatmeal and tea and packed them up to eat while driving the boy to preschool.


steel cut oats (soak ’em overnight and they cook in a fraction of the time!) with almonds, raisins and cranberries, tea+ coconut milk

Someone didn’t get her act together and run the dishwasher, so that someone got to eat with an old Dora spoon.  Classy.


After dropping off the boy, I went for an ill-fated jog.  Turns out not running for a few months and thinking you’ll bounce right back isn’t so.  Hmph.  I got cleaned up and ran some errands.  I had a couple of the protein balls in the car.


I ended up at the grocery store and I’m proud to announce that only one unplanned purchase wound up in my cart.


These chips are crazy good and addictive.  And only a $2 splurge.

I ate some cookies on the way home from the store, a random $0.50 snack I picked up at World Market last weekend while shopping for rugs.  I went in looking for a rug and came out with cookies and a lamp shade.  Totally normal, right?


After unloading groceries and getting both kids from their schools, I had a very late lunch.


carrots, Mary’s Gone Crackers, coconut curry hummus, black bean hummus, guacamole and the spontaneous rice and adzuki bean chips

I had a kombucha in the car as the kids and I went to yet another tile store.  I am about to have a Ph.D in tile shopping.


We were unsuccessful at the tile store.  Get this: I finally find a tile I like for the kitchen floor and get there to find out it is no longer available.  Ugh.  Let it be known that I avoided the candy corn at Target that screamed for me as we stopped in after the tile store to pick up a Halloween costume for the boy.

Dinner was a random assortment of produce, nuts and cheese.  It was strange, but quite filling and tasty.


cheese, almonds, apples, oranges, corn on the cob, celery, carrots, grapes, steamed broccoli and a wee dish of raw broccoli for the little guy

20121002-221920.jpgWe also had some baked potatoes – I put the broccoli and cheese over mine, along with some sour cream.

I ended the day with some laundry folding while watching Revenge – so glad that show is back!

What I Ate on the last Tuesday of Summer (WIAW)

Sniff, sniff.  It’s the final week of summer here in our little world: the girl starts 1st grade next Monday and the boy starts preschool next Thursday.  I’m not sniffing about those 10 free hours a week when both kids are in school, as I’m downright giddy about grocery shopping and errand running solo, I’m sniffing about the whole 5 days/week  for 9 months that we are tied to a school calendar.  We’ve had a fantastic summer and I’m sad to see it wind to a close.

I’m trying to make our last week of summer a good one. I kept my (phone) camera handy all day on Tuesday to capture What I Ate On The Last Tuesday of Summer for my entry in this week’s WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.



Green tea + watermelon


Bowl of cereal (Ezekiel 4:9 Almond Sprouted Grain Cereal + granola + coconut milk) and some reading.

The kids and I went to the flooring store, also known as “the place where I’ve spent way too much time and money in the last two weeks” as we prepare for some upcoming remodeling, and then headed from San Antonio to New Braunfels, Texas to visit the Children’s Museum.  We met up with my (honestly) wonderful mother in law and spent the rest of the morning children’s museum-ing it up.


For lunch we consulted Yelp to find a spot.  We choose Naturally, a quaint little sandwich shop store less than a mile from the museum.


I ordered a half sandwich half salad combo with a grilled veggie sandwich and some beet-carrot-apple juice.  20120821-201644.jpg

I haven’t had fresh juice in a couple of weeks.  It was tasty.


Someone took my cup for a bit.


We ended up sharing:


man, I’m going to miss her constant presence next week….


We headed back to the children’s museum.




We finally got home around 5 and I had a grape kombucha, a boiled egg and a couple of strawberries while getting the kids cleaned up and washing off the germs that come with spending 5 hours touching every.single.thing in a children’s museum.




We had some homemade cheese + mushroom pizza with fruit.  We each had 2 helpings of both pizza and fruit.

20120821-201822.jpgI followed up dinner with some red wine and dark chocolate.  Sorry for the awful photo – those chocolates look like, well, let’s just say unappetizing things.

It was a pretty stellar day and I hope to make the rest of the week just a fun as we say goodbye to summer.  Which means I’ll be refueling with wine and chocolate just about each night.  🙂

What I Ate On An Actual Wednesday

I’ve been participating in Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday blog party almost since it’s inception, yet today is the first time I’ve every posted what I ate on an actual Wednesday.  I typically take pictures of Monday or Tuesday’s food so that I can get the post up late Tuesday night or first thing Wednesday morning.  I’m finally being truthful to the title – here is What I Ate (On An Actual) Wednesday.

But first – some summer staples from my little world:

cold cucumbers (see below)

library books

iced tea

2-3 pairs of spare sunglasses so I’m never without

afternoon Room Time for the kids (and wonderful quiet for me)

pool bag always packed and ready to go

Breakfast 1:

Post workout banana, granola bar and hot tea.  I know hot tea isn’t a traditional post workout beverage, but I can’t start a morning without it.

Breakfast 2:

Green Smoothie.  Since this picture is almost a week old, I can’t remember what exactly I put in it.  I’m guessing kale, protein powder, frozen banana, maca, chia seeds and ice.


Had my beloved Protein Salad at Green Restaurant.  It has kale salad, spinach, chickpeas, grilled tofu, raw pecan hummus, quinoa tabouleh, guacomole, carrots and tomatoes.  It’s so filling and I love, love the variety of flavors and textures.


It wasn’t that I was hungry after that big lunch, it was more like I had the need to crunch on something.  We’ve been eating cucumbers like they are going out of style.  As in about 10 a week, at least.  All four of us like them sliced and chilled, ideally stored in a cup of water that is drained just before eating.  It keeps them so crisp and refreshing.  I had my chilled cucumbers with a glass of kombucha.

Random Picture From The Day:

Perfect merging of boy and girl toys – the kids used the dance bar and mat to make a hurdle and track for the cars and ninja figures.  Not sure the mat was intended for use as an action figure accessory, but why not?


We had grilled cheese and soup.  And by ‘we’ I mean the husband and me, as the black bean soup turned out a little lot spicier than planned thanks to an atomically hot jalapeno.  The kids ended up having just grilled cheese, along with some raw vegetables and fruit.

All in all, a pretty good day.

What I Ate Wednesday – Each of These Days Is Just Like The Other

My girl is in Art Camp this week at a very cool art school (Southwest School of Arts) that is on a quiet portion of the famed San Antonio Riverwalk.  This is her second year and, as both of my kids are quite the creatures of habit, my little guy wanted to repeat some of our Riverwalk adventures that he and I had last year while she was in class. (he’s not old enough to be in art camp.  plus he only holds a pencil/crayon/paint brush for about 1.8 minutes before it becomes a sword/blaster/spaceship)

We had planned to do a big Riverwalk adventure on Monday only, but he asked Monday night if we could do it again on Tuesday, and since I feel guilty about his camp-less summer, I obliged.  Plus I kinda enjoyed it.

So, without further ado, I present our two nearly identical mornings (and the rest of the days that weren’t so identical) for this week’s installment of What I Ate Wednesday, hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

Day 1

I started the day with some green juice while driving downtown.


We dropped off our little artist

and started our walk.

Breakfast came after walking for about an hour – it’s slow going when you have to stop to check out every duck, fish, bird and bug in sight.  And climb on every other rock.  I wouldn’t’ have it any other way.

Einstein Brother’s Bagels – I had half a power bagel with peanut butter and iced tea and  he had the cinnamon sugar bagel, the other half of the power bagel with peanut butter and some water.  

We took a picture in the bathroom mirror because we took a picture in the same bathroom mirror last year.  Creatures of habit (both of us).

My self portrait skills need work.

ps – thanks to my friend A (and her daughter) who were with us for not thinking (out loud) that I’m a freakshow for taking self portraits in hotel bathrooms.

We made our way back down the Riverwalk to the art school, once again stopping to explore with every few steps.

Once the kids and I got home, I had some salad and fruit for lunch along with some (unpictured) pistachios.

Detox Salad (from OhSheGlows.com) and watermelon.

I was still hungry, so I finished off the hummus with some Mary’s Gone Crackers.

I had a couple of drinks throughout the afternoon,

some iced tea

and some kombucha (atop a newly started book – only on page 7, so I can’t tell if I’m going to like it yet).

Dinner was brown rice topped with vegetables (garlic, onions, carrots, broccoli zucchini, squash and chickpeas) cooked fajita style in a cast iron skillet with butter.  We topped it with a cilantro cream sauce that was crazy good. I’ll have that sauce finished off by the end of the week, even if it means I have to eat it off a spoon.

I had a Cocoa Cookie Dough ball (from Let Them Eat Vegan) for dessert.

Day 2

Just like Day 1, I had the remaining green juice en route to the Art School.

Just like Day 1, we dropped off our camper and headed back to the Riverwalk.  Our destination (once again after much wildlife exploration) was the bagel shop.

We practiced our self portrait skills on a reflective window near the bagel shop

(brother’s got attitude)

and then tried again in the hotel bathroom (the bagel shop is in a hotel).

(now brother just wants to be done taking pictures and get his flippen’ bagel….)

We got a power bagel with peanut butter and some iced tea and headed to a nearby seating area to enjoy. I brought a homemade trail mix type bar from home.

We toured around a bit and found a Starbucks.


1 apple juice and 1 hot tea.

He was working really hard on getting the straw out all by himself.



We stopped on a bench and had our own little Noting Hill bench scene:


Lunch, just like Day 1, was salad and fruit.  I’m thinking it will be Day 3’s lunch too.

I had a new to me Zevia drink mid afternoon.  A little too sweet for me – I think I’ll dilute with sparkling water next time.

And some carrot ginger apple juice as a pre-gym drink, along with a couple of unpictured cocoa cookie dough balls (see Day 1).


Dinner was leftover vegetables from Day 1 scrambled with some eggs and topped with cheese.  Very unphotogenic, but very tasty.

I had an unpictured glass of red wine (the afternoon involved the library, dentist, grocery store and gas station with two tired kids – enough said) and couple of pieces of dark chocolate.

I’m very grateful for the luxury of two lazy mornings to spend exploring a beautiful part of my city with a little boy with a huge sense of adventure.

Oh – and for the Fitness portion of WIAW – aside from walking for 3 hours with a 4 year old for 2 days, I did Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit on Monday and an Athletic Interval class on Tuesday.  

What I Ate on a Quiet Tuesday

Both my kids were at their grandparent’s house today.  This house hasn’t been so quiet since, well, not since the four of us moved in 2 years ago.  I both liked the silence and missed the chaos.  Sheesh – I’m so hard to please….

I started my quiet day with tea and a book.  I’m loving this book (Seven, An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker) as it has me both laughing to the point of tears and thinking about things that I need to think about.  Highly recommend.20120710-233140.jpg

For breakfast I took advantage of my neighbor’s juicer that she’s letting me juicer-sit while she’s out of town and had some juice.


Kale, celery, cilantro, cucumber, carrot, lemon and ginger.

I juiced a few bottles for the next couple of days:


and had another glass of juice.

20120710-233202.jpgPineapple, Cilantro, Cucumber and Lime.

And since I’m linking up with the What I Ate Wednesday blog party hosted by Jenn at Peas and Crayons and I’m supposed to mention something fitness related,

know that I spent 15 minutes of my morning with the Insanity crew,

20120710-233222.jpgdecided I didn’t have an Insanity workout in me (they are insanely hard, but in a good way) so I turned off Shaun T and crowd and spent the next 20 minutes with Jillian and level 2 of the 30 day shred. It’s a pretty good 20 minute workout.


I through some rice and this sprouted bean trio into the rice cooker while I showered,


and added some sauteed kale and two fried eggs to make a tasty lunch.

I ran some errands (the tile store is much more pleasant when not trying to keep my little juggernauts from breaking tile samples) and enjoyed a bottle of ginger kombucha.


I had a little fruit snack,


and then headed out to meet some girlfriends for dinner.


Pizza (with extra basil, yum), wine, caesar salad and good friends.  Is there any better combination?

Tomorrow it’s back to mothering.  I miss my little juggernauts.